7/20/19 Falling Springs/Conococheage

John and I fished for a long 10 hours. We started on the lower “JiG” and hit some nice tricos and plenty of leftover stocked trout. The tricos were on the water around 7:30am and done around 9. The water was a little up 65 degrees but slightly tinted. We fished various spinner patterns and John did quite well. The trout were not that tippet shy so we got luck with 6X. He landed around 7 browns and one rainbow from 10 to 13 inches. From there we work over another beat and picked up three more in crickets. After that we looked for cooler water so Falling Springs was close. We found many trout rising for no reason. Ahhhh can you say terrestrials! We fished small beetles and ants and he landed around fine more as we just only focused on rising trout. It was a great day on the water. Plenty of great fishing left. I have many full and 1/2 days still available.

michael HeckBig Spring