Yellow Breeches 4/18/19 and Mountain Creek on 4/21/19

Picked up Wayne and we hit the water for a great day of fishing. The water was good. It was a little tinted, 45 degrees and good flow. The weather was just as nice. It was sunny and warming almost to 70 degrees. We seen some BWO’s midges and some Grannoms. We did see some very eager trout to take some Grannoms. We fished nymphs for most of the morning I had a second rod set up for dry fly fishing. We had a great day. Wayne got his introduction to the stream. Wayne now knows what to use and how to fish the water. He landed easily 20 trout. A combination of stocked rainbows and browns and many wild browns.

Bill and I fished Mountain creek for the day. He knew going in the water would be high. Bill was in from Mississippi to check out his cabin and he water to learn the water since he just bought this place. The water was up, but fishable. It was dirty and 45 degrees. There was no bugs to report hatching. We fished various nymphs and my BH green and yellow caddis were the big takers! With them we fished flashback PT, BH hares ears and some other nymphs. We fished mostly in the upper part of the stream, but did work our way into Mt. Holly and fought a little high water. Bill had a great time. We released around 13 wild browns and brook trout and a few stocked trout in town. Great time,, great fishing