Yellow Breechs and Mountain creek6/15/19

Another fine outing on the breeches and Mountain creek. Bill and Sam decided to split the day with me on both streams since I told them how close they are. The weather was great. It was sunny, calm and mid 70’s. Both streams are clear and flowing great. They are both pushing 60 degrees. We seen some different caddis, small mayflies, midges and craneflies. Bill and Sam was happy to see rising trout on both streams. A lot of my patterns did well. They wanted to fish their flies since they tie. I like that. Nothing more rewarding than sticking trout with what you tie. They tied some of my signature patterns and along with some ants and beetles they did amazing. They stuck around 40 trout on both nymphs and dries. We were fishing very basic down and across with nymphs and some upstream dry fly casting it the flat pools we found rising trout. Great times!!