Spring Creek Strategies (Book)

Spring Creek Strategies (Book)


Well here it is, my first book on spring creek fishing. 

My book goes into great detail on just how spring creeks come about across the United States.  They are not all associated with limestone rock you know.  I write about the hatches  digging deep into how I can tell a hatch is about to start and how these insects move about before, during and after they hatch.  I have listed all my favorite fly patterns, their recipes and photos of all the flies I use.  Then I go to great lengths to teach you my techniques so you can lure these tough trout out of their favorite hiding spots.  

All photos are in color.  These are some of the most beautiful pictures I have seen in a book.  Lefty Kreh also wrote a nice paragraph or two about the book and myself. He likes the book as well.  

The cost of the book is $34.95.  PA residents add $2.10 for sales tax.  Books will be mailed in safe bubble wrapped envelopes and send by media mail. 

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