Hand Tied Leaders

Hand Tied Leaders


Here you can purchase hand tied leaders in many different sizes and lengths.  Standard (non-sale) price for all leaders types is $4 each. Orvis Super Strong and Mason Hard Mono is used to build the leaders.  All leaders come with a loop connection so you can easily loop it to your fly line.  Leaders will be labeled and neatly packaged.

  • Standard 8&1/2' 4X nymphing leader
    The 8&1/2' 4X is tapered down to a tippet of 25 inches.  Mostly used on the small freestone and spring creek streams.

  • Long 10' 4X nymphing leader
    The 10' 4X is tapered down to a long tippet of 30 inches.  I use this leader formula when fishing larger rivers such as the Bighorn, Spring Creek or the Little Juniata. 

  • 6X dry fly leader
    My 10'9" dry fly leader is right off the Harvey formula.  But what leader isn't.  This leader functions well from the clear spring creeks to the larger rivers.  The leader is tapered down to 27" of 6X.

  • 7X dry fly leader
    I have built this leader for the tiny fly in mind such as tricos and midges.  And wouldn't want to leave out that is what I use when dealing with tippet shy trout.  The leader is actually only an 11' leader which is long enough to get the job done.  The leader is tapered down to 24" of 7X.  

  • 4X brook trout leader
    My short, but very functional 8'6" 4X leader is perfect for small mountain brook trout streams.  The leader is tapered down to a 24" 4X tippet which is great for casting larger and bulkier dry flies.

  • 2X Steelhead leader
    My 8'8" leader is tapered down to a long 36 inches of 2X tippet.  This is my favorite formula when fishing smaller streams for lake runs of steelhead, brown trout and salmon.

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